Welcome Everyone! For those who are fans of the horror genre will certainly enjoy the artistic creations I have to offer on this site. Now for those who prefer a taste other than scary movies and horrid monsters, I can STILL BE OF SERVICE TO YOU! As I do offer and have drawings from everything other than a zombie, or a slasher and what not. I pretty much can do anything, by request practically! If it's "A dog running in a park away from it's owner" or a "Man working on his favorite 50's car"...I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    What I have to show here is just an example of what I CAN DO. My work is ORIGINAL and NEVER DUPLICATED!! I'm here to provide you with the pleasure of enjoying a piece of art, which you will find to be valuable to you and I am at your demand. Along with the pictured work, I will have the prices for them and the size of the piece (of your choice).

    If you like what you see or there is something specifically that you want, please DO CONTACT ME. For example, would you like your artwork purchase (if you choose to purchase) at a certain size? Please do let me know. For the smallest I have is "8 X 10" and I can go up to as big as "27 X 40" (Basic Poster Size). But if you would like a smaller size piece (5X7 or 3X5) we CAN WORK THAT OUT AS WELL. As for increasing the size of the piece will also increase the price along with it. We can discuss that when it comes to it, since it all depends on what I am going to do or whatever your request is,etc.

    To get an even bigger picture of the artwork shown below, click on each picture. To view, get the description and to purchase one, please visit the pages (tabs) above. All of my work comes on carbon, non-carbon, poster-paper, and even glossy/photo paper (prices vary, so please ask if you want something specifically - THE CHOICE IS YOURS) but the usual Standard is non-carbon and stationary. Laminating is also available at a small cost!

    Please enjoy your visit here, as the site is still running and I will post more of my work as time goes on. For now, just sit back, flip through the pictures and for all questions and comments, feel free to get a hold of me.

Thanks Again!

~ All the Best,

                Shawn Donovan

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